Hi I'm a surfer living in the west of Ireland, I've been surfing since I was 12 and loved it ever since. I am now 19 and compete around Ireland and Europe. My Sponsor's are Ripcurl, Beachbeat Surfboards and Tubes Surf Shop. I compete with the Irish Surf team every year as well. I'll be updating my blog about my travels and throwin up some photos so keep checking :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Road Trippen in Bundi

Got up to sligo and called aaron to hook up and get waves so we got up to bundi and saw the peak was big,so decided to check a spot near by...and we had fun waves with just 4 other people out.Owen Murphy went nuts and paddled in bomb late and ate it! respect tho haha

All the boys were getting nice kegs! aaron ending up surfing a twinny cuz his middle fin got ripped out! still got a sick keg on his last one.

david mulcahy kegger

photos by Kevin mc gowan

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally in Recovery!!!

Got operated on earlyer today so now just got to recover and ill hopefully be back in the water in no time! Definitely the thing i cant wait for the most is getting barreled yewwwwwwwwwwwwww here's a few pics from before i got injured from this year and older ones...

Photo By Paudie Scanlon
Photo By George Karbus
Photo By George Karbus

Photo By Paudie Scanlon

Photo By Paudie Scanlon

Photo By Paudie Scanlon

Photo By James Skerritt

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Riley's wipeout fail!!!

This was about the 5th time I've ever surfed Riley's and there was a good few people out! Just when this set rolled in Ferg and Mickey appeared on there ski just watching.Even tho i knew I wasn't gonna make it the boys started roaring for me to go.So i turned around and went for the crack.Bad wipeout...funny sequence.Check it out!!! Photos courtesy of Tom Gillespie yewwww

Monday, August 9, 2010


Went to BALI for the month of July got loads of waves but didn't go over with a photographer so only got a few shots here they are yewww!Met a load of cool people and saw some really cool places and had some fun in Kuta too...during my time in Bali 2 weeks in i got injured surfing bingin reef at low tide were a garfish stabbed me in the back of my ear piercing my canal around an inch deep.One of the most important things i reckon when your traveling is health insurance i would have been screwed without it!Hope you like the photos yewwwwwww...
countryside :)
5 star
Bloody ear before hospitial
cool kid chilling!

Hawaii 09/10

I recently went on a trip to hawaii with surfsolutions training camp and i went with my friends and Irish surf team members Ronan Ortzen,Nicole Morgan and Iarom Madden and a English surfer James Taylor.We went for 3 weeks of intensive training and surfing so here some photos from the trip yewwwwwww.Check out the shots!
Halloween night Hawaii style!
The Crew 

Me getting my boards for hawaii of the BUSH MAN

Rockies Right
Rockie left

First Sunset session